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How We Work

How we work

A lot of companies say they work hard and play hard. That's not us. Our fun is our success. We work hard, and we love working together - but this isn't a frat house. Each of us is led by the desire to produce great work, grow our business, and help our clients succeed. You won't catch us doing keg stands (at least not at work). You will, however, catch us collaborating.

We share our docs, our code and our space.

We would die without collaborative tools like Google Docs and Git. Even our office was designed specifically for collaborative teamwork. Unique spaces for quick discussions (we like to call them Huddles). Open work areas for everyone. And shared desks for the engineering and marketing teams to keep in close communication.

Our culture embraces a bias-for-action.

Because it empowers each of us to make independent decisions. We value people who take the initiative. Who run with ideas, push things forward, pull things along and get things done. We believe it's better to ask for forgiveness than permission. The result? Decision makers are brought closer to our clients. Allowing our business to quickly adapt and meet their current needs.

We don't have many offices.

Because we really don't like them. We believe progress comes from sharing ideas, so we encourage open dialogue across the entire company. That openness ensures ideas are spread and questions are addressed. Roll your chair over or pop in for a chat with our CEO or anyone else.

In our minds, no product is ever complete.

In fact, most things don't stay the same for long around here. There's always something to improve, something to adapt, something more we can do to address our clients' needs. We don't want to follow our competitors, we strive to lead the industry.

Our days may be packed, but we still take care of ourselves.

Our team can only be as strong as they feel. Take a peek into our office and you'll quickly see we're just as serious about building our health as building our business.

On site gym This makes workouts possible even with a packed schedule.

Indoor bike storage For our colleagues who choose to get to work on two wheels instead of four.

In office shower We don't like to smell. Our team appreciates that.

Meditation room To find our zen, clear our minds and think more sharply.


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