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Job: User Experience Designer

This posting has expired and is no longer available.

Job Description

As a UX Designer, you will work with product managers, designers, engineers and our CEO to prototype, iterate and create the future of our product. We move fast, iterate quickly and release often. There’s no bench players or silos here, every member of the team is integral and expected to drive our company and product forward on a daily basis.

  • Design product flows and experiences that are simple and elegant using sketches as well as pixel mocks and HTML.
  • Give and solicit feedback from other designers and engineers.
  • Partner with engineers and leadership to oversee the user experience of a feature from conception until launch (and then some).
  • Problem solve with an iterative approach.
  • Bonus points for experience using HTML5/CSS3.

Think you have what it takes to be part of our team? Stand out from the rest and send us something that you’ve built, provide a link to your Dribbble profile, personal projects, or portfolio - we are ready to be blown away!

Who is We’ve honed our expertise over more than a decade, supporting tens of thousands of employers and serving over a quarter billion job seekers via our SaaS software for recruiting and our network of job boards. In our minds, no product is ever truly finished. There’s always something to improve, something to adapt to changing circumstances, something more we can do to address our clients’ needs. We don’t want to follow our competitors, we strive to lead our industry.




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